Summer Beach Wish List - Time For Fun in the Sun!

9:27 AM

Since summer is right around the corner (and I am just crazy excited about it) I decided to make a beach day wishlist. It's short, but I'm a simple person and don't need much. I also really, REALLY like stripes. I can't wait to soak in the sun! I wish there was more of a true beach scenario around here, but beaches are hard to come by in Iowa. *Update: We took TJ to the pool yesterday, and she was having a good time until she got really tired and grumpy. We think she rubbed sunscreen in her eyes. The baby kind we use is tear-free, but she got a re-application with our stuff and it's likely some got on her hands. That part was sad, but we think we'll definitely hit the pool again soon!

Anyway, my main focus is to protect my skin from the sun, so a great sunscreen is a must; 30 is the minimum spf I can use or I'll look like a lobster within 20 minutes. Plus the Coola has a Plumeria scent... remember that smell from Bath and Body Works before they retired it? SO. GOOD.

Shades and flip flops, because you gotta look effortless and carefree.

The Sugar lip balm just looks yummy. I could probably just eat it out of the tube. That's acceptable behavior, right?

Then, if you LOVE stripes as much as I do, you pick up this giant beach towel/blanket and beach bag to fulfill that crazy need - while getting 2 more essentials for the pool or beach! Win win!

Lastly, to keep everything hydrated, leave in conditioner for your luscious locks, and refreshing rosewater spritz for that sensitive, easy-to-dry-out skin on your face.

What are your favorite items for beachside beauty?

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                                                            Let's GO!!

Summer Beach Wish List

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All the essentials for a minimalist but perfect day at the beach

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