12 Adorable Rings You Can Buy for Under $5

5:38 PM


When I can get new finger candy for under 5 bucks, I'm on it! All of these are on clearance in their respective online stores... so they probably won't last long! Now if only we could get past this whole "paying for shipping" thing.

Anyway, this isn't a pin it for later thing, because CLEARANCE! Hop on these bad boys if ya like 'em. (This list is comprised of affiliate links, obviously.) Which let me take this opportunity to say, I really enjoy using ShopStyle to share products. It's insanely easy and fun to do. So yeah, I recommend trying it if you are looking to jump on the affiliate sales train.

But I digress! $5 fashion rings to add the crowning glory to all those awesome outfits you own.

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