6:33 AM

This is the first New Year I've been truly excited about in a while. I feel like the possibilities for my life are endless; due in no small part to all the love and support my friends and family have given me throughout these past 365 days around the sun. 

Special thanks must be given to the one living, breathing reason I had the strength to get through this roller-coaster of a year; the person with an unconditional belief in me, even though I seem to constantly prove I'm not worthy of faith. The voice that speaks up for me, when passivity causes mine to catch in my throat. The curator of the scattered pieces of my brain, and security guard to my vulnerable heart. The man who unhesitatingly places my needs in front of his own, puts up with my idiocy, indecisiveness, and insecurity, and somehow still believes I am worth all the trouble. 

Thank you, Patrick. I love you.

2012 is going to bring great things. Of this, I am sure.

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