Self Employment to the Rescue

10:13 AM

I'm getting to do something that I am VERY excited about. I'm going back to the world of self-employment!  *cue approving applause* The transition is agonizing; I want to jump right in. I just have to remember that's NOT the best thing to do, for many reasons. However, I can't contain the joy that comes with knowing I can very soon ditch the customer service job with horrible hours, where I stand on concrete all day. I'll be back doing what I am ultimately better at anyway, video editing, scriptwriting, and hopefully squeezing some copy-editing in on the side. I'm extremely lucky in that I have a relative with a brick-and-mortar production company, so that this is all possible. I can't wait to enjoy more of my waking hours with my wonderfully odd and extremely supportive family... and hopefully even adding to it! (Now we'll see who REALLY reads this blog!)

     To pen an eloquent closing: YAY. Many, many a YAY, my dear friends.

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