Free Doctor Who Printable Patch for Ironing onto Converse Shoes

2:40 PM

Space Traveler Doctor Who patch

A while back, I read a tutorial by someone that had made a Doctor Who-inspired converse iron-on. They put up pictures of the shoe, but did not make their artwork downloadable. So I decided to make my own art, and make it available for all you geeks that want it. Just click to enlarge and right-click to save. (It may need a little tweaking; it's not exactly the right size.)

 You just need to head to your preferred big box store and purchase printable Avery dark fabric transfer sheets and follow the directions for ironing on. The original post I found said to iron them on over the original converse patch, but I'm thinking about putting mine on the other side of the shoe while keeping the original converse patch intact. You do whatever you want. It's your life. Anyway, Wouldn't it look crazy cute on these tardis-colored cons? Eeep! *click on pic to check out shoes via affiliate link*

Tardis colored converse shoes

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