A Baby "Bridge" ... of Sorts

3:16 PM

I've done a little blog housecleaning, (again) and figured since I had talked about being pregnant I'd better follow up for the casual reader and confirm that yes, I did birth a new child. Here she is, for proof:

baby hat newborn
Tesslah Jo was born on August 12th, 2015, so that should give you a little frame of reference as to where I've been, and why I'd not had time for anything else ... and when I actually started posting things again they may not have been in a great order (or made any sort of sense at all). SO! All that stuff has been deleted and I am starting from here now: when she looks more like this:

baby 6 months cute
Pretty cute, right? Yeah, I know. So there will likely be posts relating to baby things now, since this is now what my life revolves around. (Don't worry hubs, you're still in the ranking.)

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