Free printable: You are my Sunshine chalkboard art!

6:29 PM

Hello fine people! I've made a cool printable that I am looking forward to hanging in TJ's room. Her favorite song that I sing to her is "You are My Sunshine". She gets the biggest smile on her sweet l'il face when I sing it to her. This print is also for sale in my Etsy store, but I decided to share it with any new subscribers to my email list for FREE! So just go ahead and fill in your email address to subscribe (in the sidebar on a PC, or on mobile keep scrolling past this post till you see the subscribe box) and you will receive a download link in the final welcome email! Here's a preview:

You are my sunshine my only sunshine

Bear in mind there's quite a bit of black in this printable, so it's probably a good idea to take it somewhere with a professional printing service, like Staples or Office Max. Otherwise you might run out all your black ink! That stuff is expensive, so let them spend that money, The size is size 8 x 10. You can get it printed smaller, but not much bigger or it may distort.

Hey did I forget to say thanks? Thank you so much for supporting my tiny little blog. It means a lot.

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