Blog Like No One is Watching. Because They're Not.

9:44 AM

blog like no one is watching

Not really, anyway. I've been reading a lot the past few weeks about how to do-this-for-your-blog and do-that-for-your-blog that's supposed to guarantee traffic and get a bunch of high numbers on your page views. For someone relatively new to this game, it all seems a little... like buzzkill.

What happened to blogging for the fun of it? It seems like if you're not running a blog about how to blog, you're running a blog about how to blog about blogging. "Blog" is a term that jumped the shark a long time ago, and I'm rebelling against the very idea of it at this point.

If you're blogging for a living, I get it; it's a job requirement to care about all that stuff. For me, I just wanted a cool place on the internet that I could be proud of, that's mine, and I could write about junk that I cared about or found funny, or whatever. The most fun was actually setting it up and getting it to look the way I wanted... which makes me think maybe I should be doing that for a living - but back to my point... I've fallen down the rabbit hole of reading about how to blog, and I've forgotten to actually do it.

From now on I'm going to blog like no one is watching. I'm too busy to worry about pressure to have it look perfect or have the exact and proper SEO everywhere. In the end, it's not a super big part of my game plan. Sure, it'd be great if a ton of people liked it and read it, and if I even made a dollar or two - but that's not what I personally find pleasing about blogging, so I'm just letting it go.

For those who have perfect SEO and Google rankings and appropriate metadata ... Good on you. I'm glad that you were able to get it together. You'll do a heck of a lot better at this whole thing than I will, but the bottom line is, I don't care enough to spend the time right now. I might have a blog that I find pretty awesome and no one will see it. That's totally ok. It's mainly for me, anyway.

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