DIY Galaxy Nails Tutorial

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You're likely here because you've seen my galaxy nails on social media somewhere! Do you love them? I think they're super cool, myself. I did them a couple days ago, but one chipped on me today. So I thought to myself, "If I have to re-do one, I'll record the process for prosperity. And the internet." That means you!

First, if you're going to do this galaxy - lookin' nail art, you need some colors. I used dark blue, purple, aqua, pink, and white. You can really usually make do with what you have on hand if you have similar colors. For example, black would work instead of dark blue, - I just happened to have a blue I love, Loreal "After Hours". It makes a great backdrop for the space nails. The white is pretty crucial to the look, so do make sure you have some white. I want to stress this because ... well, you'll see later.

One more thing before we start. Please ignore my cuticles. They are the worst cuticles in all of history. If you have to look at my cuticles, look at the Instagram post below where I digitally retouched them because OH MY GOSH I AM A HUGE NERD.

Okay, from now on, please ignore the ugly cuticles.

Let's get into this, should we? First, you need colors, obviously. Here's my lineup:

AND, you'll need a makeup sponge, or a small chunk of any sponge, really. or maybe a q-tip. Like I said, you can really just play around with all this and it will probably work. I tore old, dried up polish off the sponge, so it's looking a little rough ... but it actually helps with the texturing! 

(One slightly used sponge.)

As seen here, my nail that got wrecked is all cleaned up as well as I could get it in 10 seconds or less. 

First thing's first, slap some of your blue/black on that naked lady.

Boom! After that dries, get that sponge out. Put the second darkest color on there. Just a little. 

Then GENTLY and LIGHTLY sponge some on your nail. Just try and cover a little random part of your nail. We'll be overlapping, so don't really worry about it too much.


Now onto the next color. (Try to work darker to lighter, but it's probably fine if you don't. Now that I think about it, my laid-back nature might not be helpful for DIY posts. Truth is I haven't tried doing it any other way, so I don't know for SURE that it wouldn't work just fine.)

Anyway, put the second color on a different part of the sponge. Like SO. 

Now repeat the sponging process, overlapping a little of the first color and such. Next for me is aqua.

Now, if you've got other colors, repeat the process until you get them all on the nail. Just remember to leave some of the blue/black underneath showing.

Here's some subtle pink on there.

NOTE: THE WHITE POLISH IS FAIRLY IMPORTANT. So which color do I conveniently forget to take a picture of? You guessed it. So be smarter than me and remember to sponge on a little white.  

Moving on.... 

The holy grail of nail polishes: GLITTER! There are lots of different kinds, just pick something that looks starry. I love my plain 'ol silver with different-sized flecks in it. 

As you can tell, this is a pretty artistic, personal-taste process. It's really fun to play around with, though ... and that's when you'll find the colors and materials that work best for the look you like best! Thanks a ton for checking out this feeble tutorial! ;)

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