A Low Carb / Keto Pink Drink Starbucks Copycat Recipe

12:47 PM

It's the fruity, summery, refreshing awesomeness in a cup you've heard so much about! It's the pink drink, now in low carb form!

{ original photo: Brian Wong }

If you're doing the low carb/keto thing, you know that Starbuck's pink drink uses coconut milk, which means the cool and gorgeous summer drink has carbs (27 in a grande, to be exact). Plus, they charge Starbucks prices for it! Imagine that!

Here are the ingredients (not really a recipe because you'll want to tailor it to your tastes) you'll need in order to make a plethora of drinks at home for a much cheaper price ... and you won't even have to leave the house! It's also open to adding other fun things like whole strawberries or other fruits, and you can try using any dairy-free milk that fits your macros! The coconut milk below has some good fats; you could also try Silk unsweetened coconut milk or heavy whipping cream! Starbucks uses a Strawberry Acai type flavor with hints of passion fruit for the base, but I've heard this tea is the way to go when making it at home. Adding in the sweetness via a sugar-free vanilla syrup is a no brainer. I think everyone on keto has some of this in their pantry.

The iced tea here is made by the pitcher, but you could also try experimenting with the single tea bags. (Note that I get paid a small commission if you order from Amazon via the below links.)

I've also heard you really have to shake it or blend it well, or it might separate if you leave it for a bit. But who could really leave a pink drink alone for that long! I'm so anxious to try this when the weather FINALLY turns warmer like it's supposed to be by now. Maybe I'm just impatient. Anyway, happy drinking! I will definitely update after I've experimented with this.

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