Summer Is Over

11:18 AM

Well, another one has come and gone. I don't know why it still suprises me how fast summer can go by. 

Just like back in the days when I dreaded the end of summer vacation, I'm always a little sad to see summer go. 

Fall is definitely my favorite season, but even still, saying goodbye to pool time, flip flops, warm nights (and now as an adult, frozen margaritas) will always be bittersweet. 

Deck sunning will be replaced with deck-sitting in a sweater with coffee. Swimming replaced with long walks on leaf-covered trails. 

Just writing this has helped me realize that this past summer was actually really great. SO much better than 2020! (Not that it was going to be hard to beat the first summer of COVID-19.) 

So it's time to fully let summer go on its way. ❤

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