McDonald's Copycat Protein Ice Cream McFlurry

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McDonald's Copycat Protein McFlurry

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Due to my terrible memory, a lot of my childhood is a blur - but one thing I do remember is my older brother often taking me through the McDonald's drive-through for ice cream. (Mostly when my mom was none the wiser.) Nostalgia is a great motivator, and in this case, you can use it to help meet those protein goals for the day, in a healthier way. 

Now, protein powders and shakes are everywhere. Most of the recipes that use them try to tell you that you need a specific protein powder to get the results they tout. However. I've tried this recipe with several different powders and they all have worked out just fine. However, you might need to tweak the amount of liquid if you use a whey protein powder. 

Another caveat to this is your blender. I use a Ninja Foodi Smoothie Maker. It is absolutely amazing, and I recommend it very highly. Other blenders should work okay; maybe they'll take a little longer or require a little more liquid to get whirlin'. Also, bigger conventional blenders sometimes work better when you use more ingredients. So if that's what kind of blender you have, double this and make one for a friend!  

Copycat McFlurry

Preparation Time: 
Cooking time: 
Servings: 1
Calories per serving: 95

Diet: high protein, low calorie

McDonald's copycat McFlurry with protein! Throw in any add-ins you like.



  • Fill your personal smoothie blender about half full of ice.
  • Add in other ingredients, saving milk for last.
  • Blend. (Depending on how powerful your blender is, this may take a while, or take some additional liquid.
  • Once smooth, stir in anything fun you want! (Oreo pieces, sprinkles, nuts, etc.)


  • All blenders are so different, and some handle ice better than others. Please feel free to experiment. This is just a basic recipe.
  • All protein powders do behave a little differently in liquid, and also contain different amounts of calories. My calculations are based on my ingredients.
  • You can also add cocoa powder if you want chocolate, or any other blends of extracts ... try peppermint extract in the winter with crushed candy cane pieces on top! It's so good!
  • Experiment by adding in frozen zucchini or frozen riced cauliflower if you want more nutrients!

Hope you enjoy this l'il treat as much as I do! 

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