Sour Patch Kids Cupcakes for the Win

1:26 PM

A love for sour candy runs rampant in our house, so on days like TODAY, my son's 17th birthday, I decided to make Sour Patch Kids cupcakes.

Recipe for sour patch kid cupcakes

Technically, the only thing truly different about these cupcakes is that the frosting has a dusting of equal parts sugar and citric acid. (If you have trouble finding it at the grocery store, it's typically with the canning supplies.)

The flavors here can be truly mix and match; I chose lemon cake with cherry frosting. Really any fruity based flavors should suffice. The supply of fruit cakes at my store was limited, but maybe you live near one of those super-duperstores that has everything. If so, lucky you!

These cupcakes really couldn't be easier. They seem much fancier than they are, but BOY you can make them REALLY sour if that's what makes your taste buds dance. I like them more the middle of the road type of sour. Here goes!

sour patch kids cupcakes


Boxed cake mix, fruity flavor (lemon, orange, cherry, etc.)
Can of frosting, fruity flavor (or use an extract to add a fruity punch)
Citric acid (1/8 cup)
Sugar (1/8 cup) 
Bag of Sour Patch Kids

Remember the part where I said this was easy? Well here are the directions:
Bake the cupcakes according to cake box instructions.
Frost said cupcakes.
Mix together sugar and citric acid.
Sprinkle on cupcakes (start with very little and adjust according to taste.
Top with Sour Patch Kid! Voila!



That's it! Share if you love Sour Patch Kids and cupcakes! 

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