Waking up Awesome... and Thankful

10:43 AM

Here's to waking up awesome - and thankful
Why is it so hard for us to believe that we're awesome? I've always been terrible at taking a compliment. Do we take our failings so personally because, well... they're ours?

A new goal of mine is to appreciate all the things I have done with my life instead of not done; all my successes instead of my failures. To focus on the things that I like about myself rather than the things I want to (or wish I could) change. There's plenty of things that I still want to accomplish, but I have so many blessings I would be lost without. I need to remember these things whenever I'm down on myself... which is more often than I care to admit. Maybe that's why I felt like I needed this rug as a reminder.

This is not going to be an easy feat. It's still going to be my first reaction to make a disapproving face at anyone who tries to tell me something nice. But what's life without goals?

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