Problem Solved: Getting the ShopStyle Linkit Bookmarklet into the Chrome Bookmarks Bar

1:52 PM

If you're here, you have the same problem I have. You weren't able to drag the ShopStyle Linkit bookmarklet to your Chrome bookmarks bar.  Even though it was purported that you could simply drag it up there.

Shopstyle didn't seem to be answering any of their users' questions on their blog when their bookmarklet didn't seem to be working on the Google Chrome browser. But I figured out how to get it up on the Chrome bookmarks bar, so now you can create ShopStyle links and widgets from any supported ShopStyle website - just as they advertised you could.

This is how I did it.

1. If you have the version of Chrome I do, there will be three dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Click those, go to bookmarks > bookmarks manager. If you have a different version of Chrome, get to the bookmarks manager however you do.

2. There is a tab in the top middle of the bookmarks manager called Organize. Click this and select "Add Page". (I believe in other versions there may simply be an "add" or "new" button.) At any rate, create a new bookmark from scratch.

3. Name it "Linkit" or something of your choosing.

4. Now, in the URL box, paste ALL of the following:


5. Now just hit enter to save it. It should then appear in your chrome bookmarks bar. (If there's room - if not, it will be in the overflow that is indicated on the right side of the bar - the tiny arrows. Drag it into the bookmarks bar from there.)

That's what worked for me. I had to install this bookmarklet to Internet Explorer (ick, I know!) and grab the javascript from there ... but it does work - at least for me. It does take a couple seconds to load though - at least on my computer. So be prepared for that.

Hope I was able to help someone with the same problem I was having!

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