Happy New Year! It's Time For a Blog Facelift

2:48 PM

Happy New Year!

It was definitely time for a blog refresh. New year, new focus, new ideas. 

One new header, a font color change, and some re-arranging - and here we are! If I'm being honest, I freaking LOVE digging around in the code and finding the snippets I need to tweak to get the desired results. Maybe I should go into coding in 2018? Anyway, welcome to the new look! I know it's not Earth-shatteringly different, but sometimes just a little change does wonders.

*oh, here's a sweet l'il plant gif. BOOM!*
*Sorry, I just wanted to randomly show you this.* 

Another fun addition is a cute-as-all-get-out "Buy me a coffee" button. I know what you're probably thinking but it's not just cyber-begging, I swear. I mean first off ... it's adorable just sitting over there, isn't it? I guess they don't say 'cute as a button' for nothing. But yes, it is a way to support my blog, and also it's kind of like a one-time Patreon donation that can also be a key to some fun exclusive content or something. I haven't really decided on that part yet. I mean, I've spent the whole day picking apart tons of HTML code, so that part will be decided a little later. 

With all these cosmetic changes will come somewhat of a new focus, as we shift into 2018 and its challenges. Expect to be hearing more about autism as TJ receives her official diagnosis and we deal with all the things that come with that. The main being eligible for speech therapy, so yay! We really think it will benefit her in her communication skills.

Aside from the changed focus that will result from that part of life, I'm also hoping to take my freelancing career in some new directions. Whether that means branching out or focusing in, I'm not quite sure yet. Freelance writing has been very good to me, and I'm not likely to quit soon. But there's just something missing - more creative avenues I need to explore. Hopefully I won't bore everyone by taking them along on this ride!

Well, that's a wrap for now! May you all have an absolutely wonderful and prosperous new year!

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