Our New Home's Fresh Exterior Makeover

3:57 PM

As we sit here in the dead of winter, I'm recalling I never wrote an update about our home's little exterior makeover this fall. This photo ended up on Instagram, but that's about it.

Looking at this picture now, I'm made very aware of how badly I want spring to get here. Full disclosure, it's just not this pretty when all the porch flowers are dead and the Christmas decorations are put away.

Way back in May (I think?) when we announced that we were going to move into this house, You might recall it looked a little aged and in need of a pick me up. So it went from this:

To this!

The end result is from painting the shutters (done in one day... GO US!) painting the door, trimming the landscaping, painting and sealing the porch, and installing a new light fixture and address plaque. Add in some colorful plants, and there you go. Gee, sounds so easy now that it is all behind us.

Now I've just gotta hit the ground running on several other outdoor projects as soon as spring hits!

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