How to Order a Starbucks Low Carb Mocha Frappuccino

12:38 PM

If you're wanting to splurge money-wise on Starbucks this summer, but not splurge on calories and carbs, here is how you order a low carb mocha frappuccino from the popular chain.

There is a light frappuccino menu ... at least on the app. (That's how I usually order.) Order one of the light mocha fraps, but sub skinny mocha sauce for regular, and have them use either half and half or almond milk. Half and half is going to have less carbs, but if you want to have a few more carbs in exchange for fewer calories, use almond milk. Starbucks almond milk has about 7 carbs per cup.

The light frappuccinos don't use the sugary base that the original ones use. You could also add any other sugar-free syrups that your Starbucks carries. Also, I would have them double blend it so it's nice and smooth.

There you have it!

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