A Low Carb Tuna Casserole That's as Easy as it is Cheesy

12:00 PM

For anyone that spent time looking for this previously lost pin, my apologies. It was posted on a third-party blogging site that went down, and I was unable to rescue it. UNTIL NOW.

Well, it's not really rescued in its entirety. I had a lovely woman contact me via Instagram and Facebook looking for it this casserole, and so I typed this out for her. It's not in the greatest of formats, but the ingredients and the process are all here. So if you've been looking for my low-carb tuna casserole, read below!

"So this is what I use for a single serving because no one else in my house wants it because they all hate tuna. Haha! But you can easily adapt it for more servings.

I just pre-cook/steam some broccoli (maybe also a little zucchini with it if I have it) in the microwave... probably about a cup or cup and a half, depending on how starving I am. Then I throw it in a small, greased oven safe casserole dish. On top of that, I throw about a quarter cup diced tomato, a little smattering of onion, salt, pepper, and little garlic powder (these amounts are all really customizable to your tastes).

Then I mix one can of drained tuna with a couple tablespoons of miracle whip (or mayo), and a tablespoon or so of sour cream. (Although I've left out the sour cream and it's still great.) Kind of spread this mixture over the veggie mix, and add however much (and variety) of cheese on top. I use about a third of a cup of cheddar. Then bake at about 400 degrees will the cheese is nice and melty and everything is hot. Usually only takes about 8-10 minutes and it's done. I love this stuff. 🙂"

I wish I had the time right now to finish this blog post out the correct way, but hopefully in the future I'll have the time to do just that. Apologies again to anyone who tried to find this pin earlier and had no success!

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