A Short Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

11:34 AM

It's been a rough week. First I thought I had tonsillitis (it wasn't, just a really weird sore throat/cold thing). Then I sprained a muscle in my back, which had me in some considerable pain. But thanks to a trip to the chiropractor on Friday morning, we were able to make a short afternoon visit to the local pumpkin farm.

We will definitely make another trip out there before fall is over, but we did get some cute photos of TJ around the huge pumpkins. She kept licking them, which was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately, all the pictures I tried to snap of her actually doing the licking were blurry. She would practically head-butt the pumpkins with her tongue out. I'm surprised she didn't hurt herself. 

Anyhow, here's the cutest of the cute baby pics, and some other critters we encountered along the way.   

I mean, this face is just too much. 



Daddy was REALLY cracking her up.




Those pumpkins were incredibly huge. 



She's got this posing thing down.



I think Daddy had just as much fun as TJ did. 

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